Know the mystery behind 5201314, a number meaning ‘I love you for a lifetime’

Know the mystery behind 5201314, a number meaning 'I love you for a lifetime'

If you are one of those persons who have trouble memorising long sequences of numbers, don’t worry; once you realise why 5201314 means “I love you for a lifetime,” you won’t forget it too quickly. What does the number indicate, then? To discover the puzzle, keep reading. Many different puzzles may be found online every day, but this one could surprise you. It’s fantastic to have a number that expresses how lovers feel about one another. The story behind the number is even more wonderful. The number 5201314 which has gone viral on the Internet means “I love you for a lifetime” and how is that?

Chinese connection behind the mystery 


There is a Chinese connection behind this number mystery. How? Well, in Chinese, “I love you for a lifetime” is translated as “我愛你一輩子”. This Chinese translation of I love you for a lifetime is pronounced as “Wǒ ài nǐ yībèizi”. The numbers in the numeric sequence 5 2 0 are pronounced as “Wǔ’èr líng” in Mandarin language which is very close to the pronunciation of “I love you” or “我愛你” or “Wǒ ài nǐ”. In a similar fashion, the pronunciation of the numbers 1 3 1 4 is close to that of “for a lifetime” in Mandarin.

Internet Slangs 

There are many short cut tactics to say someone you love them. You could write 143 as the letters words I, Love and You has 1 four and three letters in them respectively. In messaging language one could write ILY. In a similar way, Chinese because of the pronunciation of the number which gets heard similar to the pronunciation of I Love You use 520 as an internet slang. This number 520 is quite popular among Chinese people. On social media, Chinese people have started using 520 as a slang word to communicate their “I love you” in Mandarin.

Valentine day based on the number 

In China, many web addresses use this strings of numbers. For instance, the dating site Even some has started treating the number as as Valentine’s Day on social media. They relate the number with the date May 20 (that is 5 the month and 20 the date).


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