How To Announce The Launch Of Your Smartphone And Other Handheld Devices

How To Announce The Launch Of Your Smartphone And Other Handheld Devices

The latest data shows that the global smartphone market has returned to growth after a few years of slump. Previously, the industry has been under tremendous stress for at least a couple of years, affected by multiple issues starting with shortages of parts, inventory accumulation, and an increase in replacement cycles.

Following the strong growth, many big players are back in the game with new models and versions. The thing is, many factors in the global smartphone market have changed, and, if they really want to have a successful product launch, they will need to adjust their marketing and promotional strategies.

Practical And Effective Strategies To Launch A Smartphone

If you and your team want to run a prosperous and long-lasting smartphone company, you must be able to not only make good smartphone models but also convince people to buy them, which is not always an easy task for newbies. So, to help you address the issue, here are some effective smartphone product launch strategies.

  1. Start with Distribution

Distribution is a very crucial factor for a company, regardless of what industry it works in. Many of them fail because they are not serious about it. For this reason, your smartphone company should make sure that it has a reliable and widely available distribution system before you start working on any aspect of the product launching ceremony and approach.

The good news is that today’s industry has allowed new companies to have a dependable distribution and supply chain system without making too big of an investment. You can use multiple ecommerce websites as your marketing and transaction channels and hire third-party companies to distribute the products to customers.

  1. Choose a Niche

If you are just a regular Joe, then you probably only want a phone that works just fine. As long as it allows you to send text messages, make phone calls, take pictures, and scroll on your social media timeline every once in a while, you will be happy with it. Unfortunately, not all smartphone users fall into the same customer category as you.

Some of them are tech geeks who want ultra-fast processing capacities, while others put the ability to take brilliant pictures and videos on their priority list. Although it will need a lot of research (and maybe interviews), knowing what kind of people you should target your smartphone to is the key to making a top-selling device.

  1. Make a Buzz

You have chosen one specific niche and created a device that is particularly made to satisfy people in that category. Now, what is the next thing to do? The answer is to create a buzz about it. The tech industry is always filled with rumors, and it is those rumors that keep it as lively as it can be. Otherwise, it would only be a boring and monotonous field.

One way to create buzz regarding your new smartphone is by engaging with top figures in the niche you are targeting. Nowadays, bigger companies usually hire tech content creators to make content related to their products. Or, if you have a community, you can send the people in it some emails. Use technology email templates to make the messages look appealing.

  1. Do a Soft and Full Launch

A lot of smartphone companies do soft launch for handheld devices. If you ask us why they do this, the reason for this is that a soft launch can bring them several benefits. It can help minimize the resources to release a product into the market. On top of that, it can be the perfect approach to “test the water” and see how the market responds.

Nonetheless, you will need to do an official launch for your smartphone. This kind of product launch usually involves working with major advertising channels. And, when you are having a smartphone full launch, you should also make several press releases because they are an essential tool to inform the general public about what kind of phone you are selling.

  1. Monitor and Evaluate

After you are done with the full launch of your smartphone, you will get into the post-launch phase. This one usually involves analyzing the sales results during the launch period and seeing whether your marketing team has achieved the launch goals or not. Essentially, this is the right time to make adjustments to your marketing strategies.

The Takeaway

Running a great smartphone company starts with making a great product. However, that is far from enough. In order to succeed in the highly competitive phone market, a well-planned strategy is needed. Every detail, such as distribution, marketing, BTL tactics, and building a strong brand image, needs to be considered.

If you don’t pay attention to the things above, you’ll find it challenging to compete with other players—especially the more experienced ones. Yes, you can take inspiration from those brands, such as Xiaomi, which makes ultra-customizable phones, or OnePlus, which makes flagship-killer models. Still, you have to do your homework and find your own identity.

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