Why learn Cisco network Technology? I hope this article can inspire you.

1.No matter which network manufacturer’s products, except for its own few private protocols, the development of products must be based on international common protocols or industry standards, TCP/IP, 802.3 of Ethernet, etc. Therefore, strictly speaking, the products of whichever manufacturer you learn are the same, the principle is the same, but the interface and command line are slightly different.

  1. From the perspective of the market value of the brand, since we are learning network technology, we must follow the most valuable, most promising, and most promising manufacturers in the network market to learn. As an internationally recognized first-class network product manufacturer, Cisco Networking RS routing and switching products are mainstream products in the IT industry. Cisco’s CCIE certificate is recognizedthe most authoritative and most valuable certificate in the industry. In the United States, an engineer with a CCIE certificate for 2-3 years usually earns an annual salary of around $100,000. In China, the Cisco CCIE certificate is also recognized as an expert certificate in the industry, and Huawei is also the highest standard for network engineers to have CCIE certificates.

3.In terms of the characteristics of Cisco Networking strategic development, the reason why Cisco is developing so rapidly comes from an important strategy. Cisco has an alias – “M&A King”. The network is developing so rapidly, too many opportunities will be missed if you wait for your own development. Cisco is adopting the policy of mergers and acquisitions, switching, security, voice products are all the same, it brings us continuous learning and unlimited employment opportunities. We see the prospect of an evolving career. Huawei uses self-developed products, so its development must be slow, and it may not keep up with the development needs of the times.

  1. From the perspective of Cisco’s channel policy, any Cisco gold or silver agent must have a specified number of CCIE and CCNP personnel, so that product discounts are also high. Service rebates are also given, and service outsourcing is also given more. So when you are looking for a job, your CCIE certificate alone will bring a lot of benefits to the recruiting unit that you don’t know yet, so companies like this kind of talent very much. I heard that a single CCIE certificate can be sold for a lot of money!
  2. In terms of Cisco’s knowledge system, Cisco documents are recognized as the most authoritative, systematic, standardized, and rigorous industry red books. From the perspective of learning theory and experiments, Cisco is the best choice. Huawei’s documentation is just beginning, and it is also based on Cisco documentation. Cisco’s internal knowledge system is perfect. After learning Cisco network technology, the professional knowledge and ability of candidates will be greatly improved, and even a qualitative leap will be achieved.

To sum up, Cisco certification has a high gold content and is widely recognized by the industry, especially CCIE. Therefore, obtaining Cisco certification is very valuable for those who want to work in the network industry. 

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