People who are beginning to learn for Cisco certification always have questions that “what preparations need to be made before entering the IT field? What abilities should they have? How will be the future career development?” It can be seen that everyone is very eager for success and willing to study hard. In order to achieve your goal, first of all, you should correct your thinking and follow the following five steps.


  1. Set a good goal which should be clear, measurable and time-limited. 2. Clearly understand your current situation. 3. Remove obstacles and don’t be easily influenced by others. 4. Equip yourself with more abilities and resources. 5. Make the best plan.


In general, you may encounter the following problems.


  1. You may make an unclear goal. IT industry pays great attention to timeliness because technology is developing with each passing day. Without a clear time limit, “future” is a completely uncertain concept, and such a goal is meaningless. Therefore, an effective goal should at least be like this “Find a job as a system engineer with a monthly salary of more than $7000 before May 1, 2022.”


  1. You may mistake the means to achieve the goal for the goal itself. Let’s take a specific look at what the goal is. All the job requirements of IT related positions can be found online. The following are the job requirements found by taking “system engineer” as the keyword for searching: 1) Have more than two years of experience in system integration, including more than one year of experience in IT security and network management. 2) Proficient in network, operating system, database system installation, configuration and optimization, capable of working independently. 3) Familiar with network, server, storage and other related hardware and software products of Cisco, HP and other manufacturers. 4) Have experience in writing enterprise information construction solutions, and have good communication and expression skills. 5) Candidates with CCNA, CCNP or other relevant certificates of computer network and security manufacturers are preferred. These are typical job requirements of system engineer. It can be said that they are the basic requirements of being a system engineer. Different companies have some other special requirements due to different businesses, such as:


  • have knowledge of WLAN and wireless communication;
  • be familiar with the installation, soft adjustment and opening of Siemens base station equipment;
  • have knowledge of generic cabling system of network engineering;
  • be familiar with the operation mode of the financial industry, etc.


Here are four suggestions about applying for certifications in Cisco certification system for your reference.


First, get what others lack. If everyone is equally capable, but you have the CCNA certificate that others do not have, then you can have more opportunities than others


Second, get high level certificate. If everyone has passed Cisco certification, but others have passed CCNA certification and you CCNP certification, then you will win easily


Thirdly, ask for relatively lower salary. If everyone has MCSE certificate, then you have to seek for opportunities by reducing salary requirements.


Finally, turn to other certifications. If people all have the same kind of certificate, which naturally can’t be worth a good price, then you should withdraw from the vicious competition and apply for another certification, such as security, project management, etc.


As for how to compare an international enterprise’ certification (such as Cisco) with a domestic enterprise’ certification, we need to refer to the strength, market coverage and product application of the two enterprises. The gap between certificates is almost the gap between enterprises. This is probably all about the career development in IT industry. 300-125

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