Kitchen Ideas If you ask any parent which room in their home receives the most use, they’ll most likely reply to the kitchen. While the kitchen is a popular gathering spot for families, it also has several characteristics that aren’t very kid-friendly—hot stovetops, knives and forks, and breakable dinnerware, name them. Planning ahead is essential to save you the regular kitchenware replacement for when the kids break them.

Transforming your kitchen to suit a family setting and accommodate kids saves you from being depended on by the kids. 

1. Add Adjustable Step Stools

If your kids do not reach the adult-length surfaces, you don’t need to be there always to help them. You can simply install adjustable stools in different sections that they can use. Try below the sinks and cooking areas. Don’t hustle about the step-stools hurting anyone since you can have them hidden and only pulled out when in use. For this, OPPOLIA kitchen cabinets will be suitable. They are designed with user flexibility and exquisite appeal. 

With such adjustments, keep in mind that you’ll never worry about your kids breaking something as they try to reach the kitchen counters, or better still, them touching surfaces with dirty hands as they try to reach the sink. 

Once you have installed the hidden step stools, you just need to train them to pull and recede them when they are done using them. It’s a part of teaching them obligations and reducing their dependence on you. 

2. Install Automatic Faucets 

While you are looking forward to transforming your kitchen into a kids-friendly area, that does not mean that you should let your kitchen look boring. You can achieve your goal and still end up with a lovely kitchen. 

Automatic faucets react to motion. So your kids will not have to worry about having to reach out to open the tap to wash their hands or dishes after they are done eating. There are different types of automatic faucets that you can choose from depending on your kitchen design needs and your budget. All in all, it’ll give your kitchen an authentic look. 

3. Consider Concealed Stoves

Stoves cause most home fires. Kids are known to be naughty, and they can accidentally light up the stoves and leave them burning without knowing that they are causing immediate danger to themselves and those in the house.  

Go for stoves that can be concealed on the surface. When kids can’t reach them, you save them and your family from unexpected house fires. You also don’t need to be constantly worried that the kids can climb on top and get burned in the process. 

Concealed stoves are a current trend in homeownership, which gives your kitchen a classy design. Most of these concealed stoves have covers to cover them. These covers blend with the rest of the counter, so nothing looks out of place.

4. Kids Section in the Pantry

Good health and nutrition are pivotal for the family. Your kids should not need an adult around so that they can be fed. Create a section in your pantry that your kids can access. Store healthy meals and snacks for them to pick and eat at their will. 

Just remember to keep away sweets and anything unhealthy that could make them develop bad eating habits. 

5. Incorporate a Kids Utilities Section 

This could range from simple plates, bowls and cutleries. If they are fond of cooking, nurture their skills through kids’ plastic tools. Dedicate a cabinet or two that is within their reach to store their utilities. Allow them to pick utilities they prefer to use when they eat. 

Support their cooking skills and eat their meals once they are done prepping them. Show them that they can be inventive in their own ways. It builds their trust and self-confidence. 

The Bottom Line

Family is a fantastic thing to have. Being able to fully take care of your kids while at the same time giving them control of their actions needs to be a priority for every parent. 

You should strive to make your kitchen accessible to both the adults and kids in your family. The goal can be achieved with the above tips, and you’ll still have a state of the art kitchen.

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