Vox Pop – Locals express concern over rise in COVID cases

As the Kashmir valley is witnessing a continuous surge in coronavirus cases, authorities on Tuesday announced only 50% opening of shops, malls, and other markets in Kashmir shall remain open. Rising Kashmir spoke with locals to gauge their opinion on the decision by the administration.

Waseem Ramzan, Natipora

Extending night curfew and 50% opening of shops in market complexes, bazaars, and malls within the municipal and urban local body limits will not help us in getting rid of the virus. We are witnessing the situation in other states in India where the second wave has created havoc. It will be too late to fight the second wave. The situation will likely get from bad to worse. The authorities must place adequate mechanisms in place to tackle the surge.

Mubashir Ahmad, Magarmal Bagh

Like the previous year, the situation is getting the same this year as well. It seems the situation is getting out of hand as hospitals are closing OPDs and such. The same happened last year. We are going the same way as last year and nothing has changed. When Kashmir was witnessing below 100 cases a day, we got complacent. Nobody took it seriously. When cases were low, it was manageable but now it seems to be difficult to contain the virus.

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