A Dog-Owner’s Guide to a Clean Home

At the beginning of last year, as the entire world went into lockdown, people were forced to work from home. This resulted in a lot of people seeking companionship in the man’s best friend. There’s no doubt that there are a  lot of benefits to adopting a puppy, anyone who has done so knows they also a handful when it comes to house cleaning. They drag in leaves, dirt, and mud and are fond of spreading them all around your carpets, they drool all over your floor and leave hairs all over your furniture. We asked the experts at Castle Keepers Atlanta to help us learn how to effectively clean the home you share with your pup.

Groom Regularly

One of the most common complaints dog owners have is all the hair, balls of it rolling along your floor and nesting on your brand new couch. If you want to prevent this from happening in your home, regular grooming is the key. Grooming your dog regularly can help minimize shedding. Best of all is that you don’t need a professional groomer to do this. Simply use a grooming brush and groom your dog a couple of times during the week. This will give you two the chance to bond, but also minimize grooming and all the hairs making a mess out of your home.

Giving your dog regular baths is also key when it comes to reducing the specific smell dogs tend to emit. Therefore, if you want your home to stay clean, all you have to do is keep your dog neat and groomed at all times.

Wipe Their Paws Before They Enter

When your dog is having all the fun in the backyard, it’s important to remember that they tend to carry some of that fun inside in the form of mud and dirt. To prevent this, make sure you wipe their paws before they come back inside from a playdate in the backyard or the evening walk around the block. Keep a towel and a bottle of water near the door to clean its paws before entering.

Keep Your Dog in Good Shape

Exercise is very important for a dog, which is why you shouldn’t skip playtime and walks. This is mainly because dogs with too much energy tend to get destructive and take it out on your furniture, pillows, carpet, and the rest of the home. Give them enough chew toys to keep them entertained, but don’t forget they need to spend all that energy, preferably outside.

Use a Placemat For Their Dishes

Dogs are also very messy eaters, which is why having a placemat you can easily clean under their dishes is a lifesaver. Either use a plastic placemat you can easily clean or a small rug you can wash in the washing machine. This will minimize any water or food splatter.

Vacuum Frequently

Even with all the grooming and paw cleaning, regular vacuuming is essential if you want to keep your home clean of dirt and hair. Therećs no way around it. The more frequently you vacuum, the easier it will be to keep your home clean. We recommend cleaning at least once every week, even more often, if you live in a large household with multiple pets or kids. Trust us, it will make all the difference.

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