How to Deal With Dishonest Customers

In business, customers are valuable and important. In fact, as the popular saying goes – “the Customer is always right”.  Does that mean that a business should put up with dishonest customers who lie and manipulate their way to getting things at the expense of the business? While it is the duty of any business to take good … Read more

KFConsole Price, Pre-order, Specs: Features 4K Gaming, KFC Controller Announcement to Follow?

The KFC console, now affectionately named KFConsole, is a one-of-a-kind gaming console as it has a built-in chicken chamber. You can no play video games while eating delicious, hot and juicy chicken at the same time, according to KFC Gaming’s official Twitter account. The console can handle 4K 120fps gaming. Even though it is a product from … Read more

Putin offers ‘blank cheque’ to Pakistan

When Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited Islamabad last week after a gap of nine years, he had delivered an “important” message to the Pakistani leadership. The message was from President Vladimir Putin. “I came with a message from my president that tell Pakistan we are open for any cooperation, whatever Pakistan needs Russia is … Read more

7 Types Of Agile Methodologies

Each highly-operating enterprise necessitates to evolve swift, unveil and accomplish remarkably in less time, when an individual is employed in teams of extremely talented and galvanized people, there would be some restrictions and differences in terms of notion, perspective and approaches. That, all will be derived by implementing Agile method and the main objective behind … Read more


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ECC allows cotton, sugar imports from India

The government on Wednesday allowed import of cotton, yarn and sugar from India in a widely-expected move to bridge shortfall of the textile industry’s main input and sweetener in the country. The decisions were taken during a meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the cabinet presided over by newly-appointed Finance Minister Hammad Azhar. … Read more

What Makes Lofts So Popular Nowadays

Lofts have probably been the most desirable apartments in recent years. Typically situated on the top floor or even on top of an apartment building, the loft has a lot of advantages that make it so desirable. We reached out to real estate professionals at Neuman & Neuman for their professional opinion and analysis of … Read more

PM shows Hafeez the door, elevates Azhar

In a major reshuffle in the federal cabinet, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday removed Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh and gave the portfolio to Minister for Industries Hammad Azhar as an additional charge. It is expected that several unelected members of the federal cabinet may be replaced by some elected members of the … Read more