Born on May 31, 1943, Joseph William Namath is one of the most famous former American football players. Did yoou know? Joe Namath net worth was $25 million during 90s. yes! You heard it right!. This 77- turned actor was a quarterback player who played mainly with the New York jets. Also, He played in the American Football League(AFL) and National Football League(NFL) for 13 seasons. Namath is a retired American footballer with a net worth of $25 million.

The Jets saw Namath in Alabama’s 1965 AFL Draft, where Namath played college football at AFL draft and led his team to a national championship title. Namath was lucky for the Jets’ as he was recognized as the Most Valuable Player(MVP) twice. He also guided his Jets’ team and led them to victory in an AFL championship and One Super Bowl. Moreover, these two mentioned championships were the Jets only won championships till 2019.

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