How to Deal With Dishonest Customers

In business, customers are valuable and important. In fact, as the popular saying goes – “the Customer is always right”.  Does that mean that a business should put up with dishonest customers who lie and manipulate their way to getting things at the expense of the business?

While it is the duty of any business to take good care of its customers and give them the possible experience interacting with the brand, it is important to face the reality that Customers are human – they are not always right, or nice or honest, but they are still customers. If you work in customer service, it wouldn’t take long to figure that some customers are a big problem to handle. Such customers believe that when they yell long and hard enough, things become free.

How do you handle those customers who tell lies and try to manipulate the business?

#1. Give The Benefit Of The Doubt

Don’t be quick to assume that the customer is being dishonest or trying to cheat you. Double check and be sure that there are no mistakes or misunderstanding. The last thing you want is to wrongly accuse an innocent customer of trying to steal from you.

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