Vox Pop – Locals say lockdown inevitable if Covid surge not controlled

As the Governor led administration on Sunday announced a mini lockdown in Kashmir, Rising Kashmir spoke to people to gauge their opinion on the issue.

Aijaz Ahmad, Peerbagh

I will say that lockdown is inevitable as people are brazenly violating the health-related guidelines. Just like last year, it seems we have to go for another strict lockdown as people haven’t learned the lesson from the past, despite knowing we have suffered and paid a human cost in the previous lockdown. I think the authorities also did not take the situation seriously at a time when Kashmir was witnessing very low cases. At the time, there was poor implementation of the SOPs and health-related guidelines on the ground.

Shamim Ahmad, Nowgam

As health experts are always saying lockdown is not an option but what we need to follow is vaccination and SOPs in letter and spirit. The authorities must gear up vaccination drives across Kashmir, and they should impose strict health guidelines on the ground. Making statements alone won’t help us in getting rid of the virus.

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