Concept imagines new iMac design inspired by iPad and Pro Display XDR

We’ve seen multiple concepts of a new iMac as rumors have been suggesting that Apple is expected to introduce a redesigned model of its all-in-one computer this year. While reports indicate that the new iMac will have a design similar to the Pro Display XDR and will also be available in more colors, this new concept from ConceptsiPhone and Khahn Design shows just that.

Instead of having a curved body like the current generation, the iMac shown in the concept is completely flat — just like the Pro Display XDR. However, the body is much thinner than Apple’s expensive external display and also has rounded corners, becoming more like the iPad Pro and the 4th-generation iPad Air.

It might have been hard to imagine a desktop computer as thin as an iPad a few years ago, but now, that becomes more plausible with Apple Silicon chips, which are more efficient and don’t require huge fans. The idea of the concept is basically to have a giant iPad Pro attached to a simpler version of Apple’s Pro Stand.

The first-generation iMac was introduced in five different colors, and recent rumors point to more colors coming to the new iMac — which is currently only available in silver. The iMac in the concept has five different colors, most of them based on the current iPad Air lineup: blue, rose gold, black, red, and green.

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