How to connect your Samsung TV to Google Assistant

Want to learn how to connect your Samsung TV to Google Assistant? If you have a new Samsung 2020 TV, you can use Google’s voice assistant to navigate content quickly. You can also use the assistant to control the best Google Home compatible devices around you.

Once you’ve learned how to use your Samsung TV, you can start making use of all the premium features that come with your set. Previously, you had to use one of the best Alexa speakers to connect your Samsung QLED TV to a voice assistant, but now Samsung TVs are directly compatible with Google’s assistant, too.

You’ll need your Samsung smart TV remote to speak to Google Assistant, since there’s no far-field microphones within the set itself. Once you’ve paired your Google account, you can start using many of the best Google Assistant commands and best Google Home commands. You won’t get all the features you’d find on a device made by Google, like the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen), but you can search for movies to watch, turn on music or change the temperature of your smart thermostat.


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