Chris Tucker Net Worth 2020 – Famous Actor and Comedian

Well, since you are reading this, there is no doubt that you know how popular Chris Tucker once was. A comedian and an actor, Chris was once at the top of the mountain in his profession. The highest-paid actor in Hollywood back in 2007 is an achievement that he can be proud of.

Some of his most known roles are in F. Gary Gray’s Friday where he played Smokey, as well as Detective James Carter who he played in Brett Ratner’s Rush Hour film series. It would be correct to say that the latter was his best role, the one that he is the most known for.

Rush Hour made him famous and it was the reason for him becoming the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. The move with Jackie Chan was a big hit and it sparked the trilogy after it had the initial success. Tucker saw the opportunity to cash in – that is exactly what he has done. After demanding 20 million dollars for the sequel, he was granted his wish. Then, for the third movie, he successfully negotiated a 40 million two-movie contract with New Line Cinema. Out of those 40 million dollars, 25 was his salary for the Rush Hour 3 movie.

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